The male lays out, taking great time and care, an attractive design to get the female to come on over to his pad. Nat. Geo. had a great photo spread about them a while ago. It's all about the design and the coordination of color so they'll use bits of plastic, bottle caps, berries, etc. There's a toy dinosaur in the picture below.
Here's how your lilac can look. See how blooms are distributed low and high? that's my lilac yesterday. Spec'd for 8' but untended will go to '9.
Lesson:Lilacs bloom on previous year's branches. Prune immediately after bloom fade. Keep height down to max. scent of blooms near and below nose level. Cut blooms far back on their branches to where you want next year's bloom to occur. Plan. Pretty cool what a bit of planning can do.
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Check out that center shrub. That's a witch haze in bloom 03/08l. Been in bloom for weeks. Pretty cool.
When do we get to go out and play?
Sure got enough water for the plants with the melting snow.
Cabin fever.
Yes despite the white of snow outside, Sun & Moon has thoughts of daffodils and roses dancing in the studio. Maybe we can WILL it to be.